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Sourcing the right person for the right job
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PMR Recruitment Strategy

At PMR, we recognize the critical need to design and implement aggressive workforce strategies around a business strategy that seeks growth and stability. We help our clients to:

Design marketing plans that attract and retain top talent in the industry.

  • Develop sourcing strategies that position your organization in a favourable light with top talent and significantly reduce the contact-to-hire time.
  • Effectively identify the best talent through consistent and objective selection processes.
  • Streamline employment processes so that they are compatible with an information-savvy talent market.

We work closely with our clients to develop and implement effective recruitment strategies. Our solutions address the real people issues faced by your organization. These include:

  • Advertised Selection

    Advertised Selection is often the most efficient way of solving multiple recruitment needs or attracting people with specific skills. An added benefit can be adding value through branding. It is particularly useful if you have already decided that advertising is the way to attract the candidates you want but you don't have the resources or skills available to deal with it.

  • Executive Search

    Executive Search more commonly known as head-hunting is the most efficient method of recruiting senior executives or personnel of strategic importance or with niche skills. Search is undertaken to research the market to find those people who are good at the jobs, probably the best at what they do, and are highly unlikely to be actively looking to move.

  • Database / Job Portal Search

    Database / Job Portal Search is an excellent method of recruiting junior to senior management candidates. PMR maintains an active database of candidates. We can react quickly to clients, searching our databases on taking clients requirements.

Our key objective is to always recruit the right person for the right job. We tailor our services to your specific requirements. These begin with targeted executive search and recruitment. This is not always necessary as we can source a wide range of skilled professionals from our own database. Beyond our specialist areas we have access to a network of consultants in related fields. For more high-profile projects, some clients opt for the specification, design, production, and management of multi-media advertising campaigns, followed by the provision of first level candidate screening to meet set criteria. Whether you wish to recruit one key executive or a trainee intake, PMR can meet your needs.